Friday, April 17, 2009

Good Intentions

I had lots of plans and good intentions to catch up on my blogging today. I finally got most of our pictures from Georgia, the wedding, easter and such converted from raw to Jpeg so I could put them up here, and I was working on all my update for Luke--he is 9 months old today! However, Scott is in the process of putting together his home theatre PC and to make a complicated story simplier, he told me I couldn't turn the computer back on if it got turned off today until he got home. Well, apparently Luke decided he didn't want his mommy to catch up on blogging because he crawled under the desk and flipped the power switch off!! He's never done that before little stinker! I'm writing this on Scott's Mac laptop which doesn't have all the pictures I need.

So, unfortuneately for you, you will have to wait to read Luke's update and see all the wonderful pictures from the wedding and our trip to Georgia. Sorry! I did manage to get up some new recipes on Kake last night. And we're updated to April first in the Luke folder on Smugmug (see button on sidebar). So feel free to check those out if you are dying to see more pictures of the monkey.


  1. Just being a Mom with busy Luke is a full time job, much less anything else. We will always cherish the time we had with him while you guys were here. Could not believe what a busy little guy he is, he tied me out just watching him, he must burn every bit of food he eats.

  2. David doesn't like me blogging either but luckily he isn't as smart as Luke yet. Hang in there and I am excited to see more pictures!


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