Friday, February 20, 2009


Scott and I started a puzzle on Valentine's Day because we were bored and wanted to do something together. We got this puzzle for 50 cents at a yard sale last summer and we fully know now why it was only 50 cents! Ugggggg. It wasn't so bad once we were mostly 1/2 done, but I will never do a puzzle like this one again. To many colors, too many "blurry" places in the picture--not enough definition. We like puzzles like this one that we did last spring.
Al & Steph helped too the 2 times they came over and it was still sitting on our table (for a week it was there which says a lot since we usually finish puzzles in 2 days). But in the end, it did get finished, and I will probably sell this one for 50 cents at a yard sale too.

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