Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Luke Update

ToDaY i Am 7 MoNtHs OLd!!!Luke is a busy little guy these days and he definitely gets around!

Unfortunately for me that means I have to make sure he doesn't get into trouble...

He recognizes the camera now and comes after me trying to eat it

He HATES the vents when they blow hot air out at him

He doesn't mind baths (FINALLY) but prefers to chew on something while he splashes. This is how he likes to suck on this binkie lately--the rubber squeaks on his gums and he tries to shove the whole thing in his mouth.

He chews on his socks too--doesn't even require hands sometimes.

He's now more adventurous and ventures down the halls to see what's down there. He likes to compare the cold tile to the carpet and hits the tile to make a slapping noise

The funniest thing about his crawling is that he will crawl to me and bonk his head into my legs several times until I pick him up.
He also comes crawling after me if I leave him in another room even just for a second.

AND, he now is getting up on his knees--eek!

Time to lower the crib I think.

He has now entered the world of solid foods. He hates rice cereal. So we fed him oatmeal instead--now he's even tired of that. But we've also tried green beans--which took a few days. And he LOVES sweet potato. We've only been doing foods for a few weeks so there's lots more to try. I want to conquer more veggies before we try some of the fruits because I already know he loves them more and I don't want him to refuse his veggies. One thing is for sure--he is a VERY messy eater.

He's also tried a sippy cup and does pretty well--I have yet to find a liquid that he likes to drink though.

He LOVES when i give him a chunk of apple--I think part of it is because he's teething--but i think he likes the sour taste of it too. He gets really mad every time he drops it or I take it away.

He popped his first tooth (his bottom left) about a week ago
and now he's working on the next bottom one.
(click to enlarge--though, it's still kind of hard to see if you don't know what you're looking for)

I'll try to get some videos up next week--it's a long conversion process and then it takes a while to get them uploaded, but I have time to work on it next week. I'm also working on updating Smug Mug. I'll let you know when it's all updated to go check out the other hundreds of pictures we have.
That's all for today!


  1. What a great update! You've got some great shots of Luke. I like the one trying to eat the camera and remember Sydney doing the same funny thing with her pacifier when she was teething.

  2. cute pictures! I especially love the sock chewing one, hehe.

  3. So cute. I can't believe that he's already 7 months old! My favorite picture is Luke in his high chair-and the only color is the orange yum on his face. :)

  4. Lol! This is a great post! The hot vent picture one looks so much like Alexander's upset face. When I first saw the pacifier one, I looked like the pacifier was his bottom lip all bright blue, took me a minute to read and figure it out. Pretty funny. I'm kind of glad Alexander isn't crawling quite yet. We need to baby proof first!

  5. Katie,
    You take the best pictures; you could definitely be a great photographer, you already are.
    We really enjoy seeing these pictures of our grandson, helps us feel closeer to him than we really are, Luke is so awesome!

  6. I love all your pictures! We need to talk! David is starting to eat now too. Maybe we can get some tips from each other!


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