Friday, January 30, 2009

New Addition to the Kitchen

A high chair.

THIS, has NOT been a fun thing to try and find. It's difficult to find one. And I should have started a lot earlier. Luke's gotta start eating cereal and it was super messy for the first few goes because I had him in one arm and the spoon and bowl in the other. Talk about a recipe for disaster.It took me for-ev-errrr to find one I liked. It had to look good because I'm going to be staring at it for the next couple years or more! SO, it HAD be something I don't mind looking at = no cutsie little patterns or too babyish of colors. Nothing too boring either. I'm trying to be a bit more bold in my decorating--no more just playing it safe. I'm already regretting the crib set I chose and the boring gray carseat/stroller we got. BoRiNg.

Anyway, I finally landed on this chair and it came yesterday! I put it together immediately--Luke wanted to help. I wanted my kitchen and dining room to be green and red--so the red high chair was perfecto. I was worried about it being too bright, but now that it's all set up and in the kitchen i'm very pleased with my decision!

It completely punctuates his small size, but he does seem to like it.

Now if only I could get him to like cereal...


  1. Awesome high chair. I still feed Syd while she sits in a Bumbo, but she does pretty well. Good luck getting Luke to eat cereal. It isn't working for Sydney... she hates baby food! But she'll eat grown-up foods that she can hold in her hand. So just keep trying and see what works.

  2. He is so stinkin' cute!

    My mom has that same highchair, and she's giving it to us soon. For what its worth, she really likes it. I've also used it when I'm at her house, and I like it too. And good for you for going bold. Its scary to not choose something neutral.

    I'm so excited to see the new blog makeover, and I'm super jealous!

  3. That high chair is awesome. I love it. I wish we had space for a real one...we had to get one that just sits on one of our chairs. Someday... :)

  4. Great high chair! I wish we would've gotten one like that...we opted for a booster type that attaches to a chair. So, when do you get your blog makeover? That is so exciting! :)


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