Saturday, October 25, 2008

Here's What You've Been Missing This Month...

WOW. So much has happened this Month, I've barely been able to breath let alone write it all down in this blog of mine!

Sunday SEPT 30th
: (PS Pictures are still coming...of the blessing and Alpine Loop)
We had Luke's Baby Blessing! Scott's parent's flew in from Georgia to be there for it (and to help with our yard which I will get too) Alison and her boyfriend Anthony drove down from BYUI and also stayed at our house. We also had my grandparents, my sister and her family, my brother Al and his wife Steph, Scott's brother Derek and his girlfriend, Melissa, and Scott's other sister Darcy. The blessing was beautiful--Scott blessed Luke with wonderful things like an optimistic outlook on life and to be an example to his brothers and sisters and all those around him.
After the blessing we took some family pictures and went back to our house for a little brunch--I made a big breakfast casserole, and a fruit salad and my sister brought oodles of yummy muffins. It was nice to have everyone come to share the day with us.

Sunday afternoon, we drove up through American Fork Canyon and Alpine Loop with some of Scott's family. I've never done it before and wish I had!! I decided we will go every Fall season from now on because the colors and the trees and the mountains were simply stunning at this time of year!! GoRgEouS!! We do have one picture but we'll have more later...

September 26-Oct 3
Scott's parents were here all of this past week...Our yard needed a lot of work and we were trying to get grass seed planted before they left, so it took lots of work to get rid of all the weeds, rake the yard, etc. On top of that, Scott's Dad put in a sprinkler system! It took a LOT of work, but the yard looks great and hopefully we will have pretty grass next year!! Thanks to Everyone who pitched in and helped out! (on a sidenote--the little kitty that used to live in our yard has now been misplaced and doesn't quite know where to go...but we did see it kill a mouse the other day)

AND We also got some new additions for our house--a nice cosy bed for guests to sleep in for our guest room and we've FINALLY got furniture for our living room! Goodbye airmattress!

Brenda and I also had fun shopping for cute baby clothes for Luke since he is growing out of a bunch of his 0/3 month stuff!! My little boy is 11 lbs and has the cutest little chubby legs--delicious! We got this cute jumper outfit from Old Navy for Luke (among other things).

A trip to the Quilted Bear resulted in THIS cute little sign ...
which is accurate and appropriate for our house ;)

It was a busy but fun week. We're grateful for all the work that was done in the yard and for the time we were able to spend with family!

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  1. We really enjoyed our stay at your house. A lot of work, but that’s one of the things that makes it memorable. You guys have a wonderful family and bright future ahead.

    Love you bunches


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