Saturday, October 25, 2008

Here's MORE of What You've Been Missing...

October 15-22
We had a nice little round 2 because MY parents flew in from Ohio on the 15th!!

We had a HUGE family dinner on Sunday at our house. It was a tad bit stressful having all those people over, but fun too. I'm glad we have a nice big house to be able to invite all our family over!

There was lots of fun hanging out at the Grandparents, and at Jen's...
There was a wonderful girls lunch out at Zupas and then playtime at a nearby park
Big family dinners at Red River and at Red Robin, and a few more outings

My mom (and dad who we dragged around with us) got Luke a bunch of darling clothes--some for now, some for later when he's bigger. Also got these delightful gifts and some stuff for my kitchen (Thanks mom)...

Another trip to the Quilted Bear... $1.95 = nice

My parents helped us out big time by loading up this elliptical we bought at ShapeUP (a discount exercise equipment store) and then my Dad and Mom hauled it up the stairs to the loft while I was feeding Luke! Sweet Sweet Elliptical action. NO more running out in the cold at 6:30am!! I've used it every single day so far = GO ME!!

We also got a baby bath for Luke because he is just too dang wiggly and he's outgrown the sink. This has been great already! Now even Scott can give Luke a bath with confidence that he's not going to wiggle away.

All around I was just glad to spend time with my family the whole time my parents were here. I love Family. Scott's, Mine, the whole sha-bang.

More October News...

Grass has started to grow in our yard!!! Hooray we didn't kill it!!!

The wonderful city of Lehi added a 3rd ugly box to our front yard. grrr. and dug up a huge area of lawn to do it. I hate those ugly boxes.

AND, I started wearing my new hard contacts. Or "gas permeable lenses" as they refer to them. I already had a nightmarish event of getting one glued stuck to the white part under my eye. I had to call Scott to come get me and take me to my eye doctor because I was freaking out and couldn't get it out. Now i'm terrified every time i have to take them out, but I'm still optimistic because I know I will get the hang of them eventually. Though they are much more work than soft lenses.

Phew. That was a lot. Unbelievably I'm not even done yet!

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  1. That happens to me all the time. Well, from time to time - what did they do to get it out? I just flood my eye with drops and relax for a minute until it decides to move.


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