Sunday, July 06, 2008

Baby Newsies

So this is week 39, it's completely crazy to see "7" days left on my google homepage countdown-er. I've been going to the doc's office every week. This last week, however, they checked for dilation, etc. To my very big surprise, I am nearly 2 cm dilated, 80% effaced and at +1 station!! Not really what I was expecting. Exciting though because that means things are definitely moving forward towards labor & delivery.
Not that I'm in a hurry...(I'm pretty confident that I'll make it to my next appointment this Wednesday.) I can't complain TOO much, I am pretty comfortable during the day unless I have a lot to do or a lot of walking is involved. Walking = more swollen feet. I also have a higher body temp these days--I'm hot alllll the time. Scott shivers when our living room is a cool 72 degrees, but I'm sitting there still too hot for comfort. But it's mostly nighttime when I get truly uncomfortable. Our AC doesn't quite reach our bedroom, so it's usually a bit too warm for comfort. I battle that with a cool shower as much as I can, but the effect wears off a couple hours later. It's also at night when my entire lower half decides to get sore and make it tough to maneuver from one side to the other (I can't wait til I can't sleep on my back or stomach again!). Not to mention the fact that it feels like a watermelon drops into my lower abdomen every time I stand up.
It could be worse, so I'm not going to complain anymore. However, I still can't stand not knowing which day this little bug is going to decide to come. I hate the suspense! I'm a planner, and this kind of thing is impossible to plan for! GAH. He's not hinting either, little rascal :) Exciting times for our little family.
[I'll get a picture up soon]


  1. Hang in there, life justs gets better and better, but enjoy the moments. In a few weeks you will be wishing for more quite sleeping time.

  2. Amy is going through much of the same right now especially with the being hot all the time and uncomfortable while sleeping. Before she got pregnant she would only sleep on her stomach and has never slept on her back or side until now.

    So I have a pretty good idea of how you are feeling but it will be so worth it once you hold that little one in your arms and see pure innocence in his eyes.

    I'm so happy for you guys and wonder when we will be able to see him? By the way have you guys decided on a name? (I just realized you may not even read this for a while if you are already in labor... Oh well)

    Good luck with everything!

  3. Hey- so I was in Scotts ward growing up..Chelsey Chambers..anyway, I saw your blog and I love it! I also enjoyed reading about you being pregnant, its always nice to hear what someone else is going through, and what I will be going through! So congrats to you both!!


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