Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Movie Madness

I think it's a sign you have bad cable channels when you watch one hour installments of various movies every single night.

That's what Scott and I have been doing for a couple weeks now. We're going to need netflix or something soon because we will have watched nearly every movie in our collection soon. Ok, a little exaggeration. But seriously. We have BYU cable, and I guess though it has the main channels like ABC, FOX, CBS, we just never really watch anything. I'd rather play Lego Starwars on the XBOX for an hour than try to find something to watch. (By the way, they are coming out with Lego Indiana Jones, and I SO want it! Birthday?)

At least we got out and saw a brand new movie for once in ages and ages! Jen and Greg gave us movie passes for baby sitting for them on their anniversary last minute, and we took total advantage of them and went to see Iron Man! Which was simply awesome. I loved it. It seems that there are just so few good movies out right was so refreshing to finally see one! (Last really great movie I saw was Dan in Real Life).

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  1. I convinced Mom to go see Iron Man with me. Good movie, Mom was bored. We are so excited about your potential new home. Hope everything works out!


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