Thursday, May 08, 2008

Baby Newsies

Last Saturday was my Baby Shower!

It was lots of fun to have all my very good friends and some of my family there to celebrate this wonderful time in my life with me!

My sister was the master organizer, and she is simply
marvolous, when it comes to this kind of thing. She did my bridal shower last year and worked wonders then too!

It started around 10:30-11am, so our little food goodies were yummy muffins, caramel french toast, grapes and berries! There was juice and milk as well. Her beautiful Hydrangea bush made the table look simply gorgeous.

People arrived at all different times, but mostly everyone was there by 11:30. The first game we did was a baby-food guessing! It was both fun and disgusting! The more fruity flavors are by far the better ones! I guess if you are baby you don't really know what your missing with the real stuff!

The next game was a playdoh baby contest. We got a bunch of cute ones! While people were making their babies, there were two other guessing games going around the circle. It was loads of fun. Lots of laughing, stories and conversation. I don't know about anyone else but I had a blast with all my friends and family there that could come!

While I was opening my presents they cut the cake. It had a blueberry filling and the frosting was my favorite--a white chocolate cream cheese frosting. To-Die-For! I got to eat my piece afterwards.

I got so many adorable presents! Of course I took pictures of everything I'll spare you and not post them all--am i a new mom or what?! I feel so much better now-having some more necessities to help me feel ready for our baby boy! I'm so excited for him to come...only 2 more months!

Anyway, Just a shout out to all those who came and made it so fun! And of course, Thanks Jen for being simply awesome and taking the time to make it memorable! I love you all!

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