Thursday, May 29, 2008

Baby Newsies

O-K Folks--Baby Updates!

This is me and my huge belly--man I hope I don't get too much bigger! I have about 7 weeks left just til my due date!

Week 33 Or about 8 months (OnLy 44 days Left!)
Complaints: Swollen feet and hands :( I try to put up my feet as much as possible but it's not that easy when I have to get to work and class and I can't put my feet up there. Sore back is also another problem--mainly because the chair I sit in at work isn't very ergonomically comfortable.

[i'm going to take a picture of my feet in the morning and then my feet at night--to shock and look for that soon]

I can tell that the poor little guy is running out of room...I can feel every move, stretch, punch and kick. I've even felt when he has hiccups--which is fun (for me at least)

I'm excited, yet nervous about how quickly the weeks are going by! I just hope that in a couple weeks I really will feel more ready and not as anxious about the upcoming events that will be taking place concerning this little guy.

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  1. And you still have no butt! Lucky you! Happy birthday; I'm sorry I missed it.


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