Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Life goes on, yeah...lalalala life goes on...

I'm swamped for the next two weeks (I really don't have the time to even write this blog, but I am) Here's my list of craziness.

Everything to Do before School ends!!

(Plant Class) Midterm 1st-7th Testing Center - Thurs Apr 3rd

(Marriage Enhancement) Complete Marital Project 1 Packet

(Family Law) Finalize Presentation THURS @7pm

(Modern Design) Chair MemorizationTest 1st-9th SAT at 12

(Plant class) Required Work in Greenhouse April 4th


First Aid Class: Skills Test (bandaging/splints) April 7th

Fam Law Group Presentations April 8th

Plant ID FINAL on April 9th

Write Marriage Enhancement paper 6pgs (Due Apr 10th)

Required Greenhouse April 11th

461 Final Exams in Testing Center April 14th or 15th

Modern Design 35pg Catalogue due April 14th

Classes End April 15th. So really I have 2 finals before classes even end! Finals week should be a breeze!
Can't wait til I'm done with School forever. It's weird to fast forward in my life and think that I won't have any homework, tests, deadlines, or even have to go to work! So weird! After so many years of school I'll just be done! Home with my baby boy, enjoying my hobbies and reading books for FUN!

But for the next few weeks...I may be off pounding this stuff out so I can pass my classes! Wish me Luck!

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