Tuesday, April 01, 2008

ApriL FoOL

I've been had.

I'm either entirely too gullible, or Scott is entirely to convincing.

We both get off work at 5 pm on Tuesdays and then drive off campus to grab some dinner before 6 when my late class starts. We met at a median point on campus and Scott began telling me about his day.

So he tells me how he may not have a job anymore--at Cluster--the full time salary job he's starting in a month. In my head I panic. I begin to ask questions, get clarification. He explains they didn't mean to hire him, and that they hired too many people because of the different groups of interviewers. I tell him they can't do that, you signed the contract! He says, that's the thing, I didn't, I didn't turn in any paperwork yet. I was dumbfounded, Scott turned down other offers for this job! What a mess!

Then...He looks at me, with a slightly sly look. Lightbulb, I punch him in the arm! He could have kept it going for weeks and I would have believed him.

It was that good.


  1. Hi Katie! Janssen would kill me if I did that. I'm glad you just went for the punch.


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