Sunday, March 30, 2008

Other Easter treats and goodies

We got packages from Scott's mom, Brenda, and my mom, both filled up with tons of candy and goodies. Here's some of our cute little gifts and goodies...

Enough candy from our moms to actually fill up my large crystal bowl! This might take a while to disappear...

The cutest welcome sign from Brenda, and these adorable bunnies from my mom, wonderful additions to my Springtime/Easter decor (which was non-existant before...)

Brenda also sent us a egg-cookie decorating kit, which i did with my nephews, Charlie and Jack, on Easter.

I don't have pictures of theirs (Jen does), but these are the two I made.

Scott didn't want to waste the frosting, so I made him decorate an egg cookie with it instead of pouring it directly in his mouth.

Brenda also crocheted a little blanket, white with spring colors on each end, very fuzzy and soft, that I never took a picture of, and my mom threw some other little gifts for me in her package to us.

Scott and I just want to say ThAnks, We love getting mail, especially packages filled with goodies! Much Love!!

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