Monday, March 31, 2008

BaBy NeWsiEs

This week is 25, or 6 months. (I heard someone complain about how pregnant women always count in weeks, so I try now to figure out what month I am as well as weeks...even though it's really not that hard to divide by 4, People.)

I've had lots of people tell me I'm not very big for being as far along as I am, I kind of agree! I thought for sure I'd be huge by now, but I'm not complaining, it's pretty nice. Though it's still funny how many people are shocked to find out that I am not only pregnant, but already 6 months along!

About Cravings: I really don't get them that often, and they aren't strange or odd. Although, I did find it funny that the other day I was just sitting at my computer at work typing stuff into a spreadsheet and I all of a sudden wanted toast. Like really wanted toast. For some reason though, I often think about food at work, don't know why, but it's like once I get to work I want to eat every single snack I brought - which is bad because I'm there for 4 hours and need to space out my nibbling.

Complaints: This past week I caught a cold from Scott. It came on pretty fast, and it wasn't 2 days after he got it that I got it, too. I haven't been sick since November, so I shouldn't complain, but I must. It royally stinks to be sick when pregnant. I always take NyQuil when I have colds to help me sleep, and I can't take it now because it's got a bunch of bad stuff in it (not to mention it's like 10% alcohol!) Fortunately we had a baby check-up on Thursday (the first day I was full-blown sick) and asked the doctor about Tylenol PM. He said I could take any Tylenol product throughout the entire pregnancy! YAY. I took it Thursday night and it worked wonders to get a full night's sleep. I stayed home from work on Thursday and Friday, but it was well-needed rest. I slept a lot and drank tons of water (even more than i have been gulping down these days--which is a lot)

Other Mentions: Clumsiness and Weird dreams. I've banged my dumb arm on the dumb hallway closet doorknob 3 times now this week! The same spot on my arm too! I was prepared to have lots of strange dreams because of what I've heard from other people, sometimes they are downright funny, but some are very very strange, as are the characters that choose to show up in my dreams. Like Jim Carrey. Odd.

Loves: baby kicks, still. They are the best thing in the world next to seeing the ultrasound and hearing the heartbeat. Scott got to feel our little boy kicking for the first time around 22 weeks, I felt him kicking (albeit, very tiny kicks) at around 18-19 weeks. Now the little guy can kick pretty big/hard sometimes! I still love it though, kick away, kid!

Can I just say it's tough to get a good picture when you are taking it yourself?? I just seemed to get closer and closer to the wall! Not sure if this is the best belly-showing shirt, either, but I thought I looked cute today, so i had a little 5 min photo shoot before i walked to school. Here's two other pictures that came out pretty good--I'll keep working on taking them more often


  1. So cute! And...I'll reply to your other post as well. April Fools is so sneaky!

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