Tuesday, March 25, 2008

GiRLs NighT

Yay! Lauren is finally here!
My good friend Lauren is visiting from California, and it was so fun to get together, joined by our other good friend Nikki, and reminisce about all the fun we all had living together for those couple of years. Only Melissa was missing - but she's in Taiwan so we'll let it slide this time ;)

Here's all the fun stuff we did:


Lauren stayed over my house! Fun! AND it forced me to clean my entire apartment floor to ceiling--to make it look as cute as possible of course. We didn't do anything Friday night, but Saturday I made French toast, Lauren helped me with all the dishes (Scott was supposed to do them and he did do some, but Lauren did the rest and all the after-breakfast dishes, your welcome Scott.) and we got ready for the day together (we did our make-up on my bed at the same time). All the real fun stuff happened later though...


The main highlight of our night was catching up on everything in the last 7 or 8 months, & we did this in 3 locations :)

Subway, where Lauren treated us to yummy subs

Color me Mine
, where we created colorful masterpieces

, where Lauren treated us, again, to ice cream because she owed it ;)

We had a good conversation and had tons of fun making our pottery pieces, I can't wait to pick them up in a few days!!
***** ***** *****
No banana in my strawberry-banana rendezvous. Sad, but still tasted good!

mmmmmmm, only ONE picture of Nikki?? I swear we took more than that ;)
And SO MANY of Katie? What did I look cute or something?

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