Saturday, March 22, 2008


Actually, I am pretty excited for Easter, too. I love Sunday meetings on Easter because they are so centered on Christ and the lessons and talks are so uplifting and well-given. I am excited for easter baskets and especially Easter dinner. The last few Easters, I have gone to my sister, Jen's, home for dinner. So much good food and it's fun getting all our siblings together. Each year the group grows--The last two years Scott has been there (1st time we were dating, 2nd we were engaged or nearly, this year of course we are married so he is a permanent fixture at family events) and this year Stephanie, Al's fiance will join us. Unfortunately Andrew has gone home to Ohio so he won't be there (I miss u, Drew!) Anyway, as i'm all growd up I am now helping with the food--even though I'm just bringing salad I am still happy to contribute.

EaSteR is gReAt!!!!

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