Friday, January 04, 2008

Over the Break

Average bed time: 11:30-after 12a
Average waking up time: 9:30

Games Played:
Wii, Harry Potter Scene it, Guitar Hero, Wits and Wagers, Like Minds, Dominoes, Clue DVD, Smarter Than a 5th grader, Celestial Companions, Disney Scene it, Munchkin

Movies Watched:
Harry Potter 5, National Treasure 2, PS I love you, Finding Nemo (Scott missed all the Nemo questions in Disney Scene it), I, Robot, No Reservations

Family/Other Activities:
See the amazing lights at Lake Leniere all together in a big van
Christmas Eve Dinner--mmm mmm
Christmas Morning altogether
Darcy's B-day Dinner at PF Changs (Fizoli's too) and Mall of Georgia
New Years Eve Games, Fireworks
Bowling/Zaxbys/Family Picture
IHOP breakfast
Coat Shopping with the Girls (took longer to find the coat section than the coat we got!)
Jillian's (arcade and lunch) for Darcy's b-day, just Scott, Me and the girls
Scott and Me driving to South Carolina to buy fireworks for New Years :)

Other Eating Outings:
Macaroni Grill
PF Changs
Philly Connection
Zaxbys (chicken places are all over the place in GA)
Nagoya (Japanese Grill--they grill in front of you)

Books Read:
Mary Higgins Clark Two Little Girls in Blue
Meyers Twilight

Overall Experience: Relaxing and fun--all a break off school should be ;)

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