Thursday, January 17, 2008

It's a Baby!

I guess it's definitely confirmed now.
I was half expecting not to hear anything when he listened for the baby's heartbeat--but there it was loud and clear (and fast!)

There's no hiding it now. Here I am at 13 weeks and I have finally both seen and heard the evidence growing inside my tummy.

Here's a picture of our little surprise:
This was the better of the two pictures we had. This was not the official ultrasound (that will be on the 30th because the technician wasn't there today) but Dr Gordon is awesome (and hilarious by the way--couldn't stop laughing the whole time we were there!) and wanted us to get a little peak anyway. It was a lot clearer, obviously, on the 42" plasma screen they had in the room. We could see his little heart beating and we saw his legs kicking around, we saw his spine very clearly (it's that white line at the top of his body--hard to tell when I'm just explaining it without pointing it out to you in person.) He turned his head away, so we only saw his profile for a moment. It was all so incredible. I'm simply in awe.

Due date is July 25th--we may get a slightly more accurate one at our official ultrasound on the 30th, but Dr Gordon said that it's probably really close to that. Now I'm really excited! Up to this point I was just worried and in total unbelief. Now I have the evidence and assurance I needed and can finally feel like I can my friends. (PS, 20 weeks is March 7th--when we found out if it's a boy or girl--I hope it's a boy)

Love Always,
Katie and Scott... and Baby


  1. Hi, I know you don't know me, but I found you while I was blog surfing. But I do kinda know Scott, we grew up in the same stake in GA. and his parents and my in laws are in the same ward. Anyways, I see that you are using Dr. Gordon, that is who I used on my last baby, and HE IS THE BEST!!! So I had to write and tell you that you and yours are in great hands!! Which I am sure you already know. But seriously, I love him! Anyways, congrats!

    The Shumway Family

  2. Congratulations you two!! That is so exciting! My doctor was Dr. Judd, who I absolutely LOVED (and miss terribly by the way) but I did see Dr. Gordon a few times and he IS hilarious.


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