Sunday, January 13, 2008

In need of some change.

We will soon be looking for a couch. Not a new one, too expensive, but we are definitely not dragging this cruddy one we have now with us when we move. Oh yeah, we're moving! Scott and I are moving to BYU's Wymount Terrace (on campus family housing) the weekend of February 1st. We just signed up for an available apartment on Thursday, everything has been going kind of fast, but our landlord has already shown our current apartment to one couple who seemed pretty serious about taking it. Still have to keep this place looking good though, just in case. Anyway, excited to leave the drippy faucets, loud upstairs noises, unpredictable temperatures, and many other pesky flaws of this apartment. It was a good starter one though and we've liked it for the most part. We are definitely looking forward to the move though--student married wards, 5 minutes from campus (we can WALK if we want to!), 2 bedrooms. It will be good for us. Anyhow, we will need a new couch. If you know anyone in Utah getting rid of a decent couch---let me know!

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