Sunday, December 23, 2007

A GREEN Christmas in Georgia

Scott and I got to Georgia without any trouble.

We got to the airport pretty early thinking it would be busy and take a while to get through everything, but we got through check in and security in less than 15-20 minutes! So we watched an hour long episode of Chuck (NBC--hilarious) that we had downloaded and then waited for another 45 minutes. We took off on time and it was only a 3 hour flight! They showed the movie No Reservations (Catherine Zeta-Jones--a chef, her sis dies and she has to raise her daughter) It was a good movie. Scott read his book the whole time and refused to watch it because it was a chick-flick.

It's warm and raining (sometimes--today is sunny) in Georgia. Light jacket weather. Which is both good and bad--because I don't have a jacket (i brought a coat :S) and then all the clothes i brought are 3/4 and long sleeved. I should be ok. It's nice not to freeze when i go outside, but i will miss the white Christmas.

1 Shopping day Left!!!! ahhhhhh :)

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