Thursday, November 01, 2007

Welcome to November

Now I can say with pure glee that I am over the hump that is this semester. We have reached the midpoint and we're over half-way to the end!! Only 22 days until Thanksgiving! Only 54 days til Christmas! (so only 50 days until the break---32 actual days of class! WHAAAHOOOO!) Oh how I long for it to end!!

At this point in the semester, everyone is registering for next semesters classes. These are the classes I will be taking:

Moral Foundations in Family Life (3.0)
Music--Beginning Piano Techniques (2.0)
Design and Architecture 2 (Industrial revolution to present day) (3.0)
Family and the Law (3.0)
Heath--Sexuality Education in Curriculum (3.0)
Infant Development in the family (3.0)

17 credits! More than I've EVER taken (I stick to 12 or 15) but i need this many credits to graduate--and we definitely don't want to prolong that!)

Hard Lessons I've Learned at College:

  1. To all freshman and sophmores currently going to college---PLAN AHEAD!! I can't even tell you how many headaches I've given myself trying to finish this degree on time! TALK TO COUNSELERS and ADVISORS!! They help your academic life go so much smoother!! I'm so dumb for not doing it!
  2. I wish I'd looked into a lot more majors than I did at the beginning. It wasn't until the end of my sophmore year when I found a lot of really good majors that I would have really enjoyed-but it was too late to switch. I didn't want to be in school even a year extra! NO WAY.
  3. Take advantage of all the resources available to students! Don't try to figure out everything yourself. Grow some guts and go ask someone to help you!
  4. DO your reading, PLAN ahead and start writing papers at least one week before it's due--if nothing else at least START brainstorming and writing thoughts down. Having something early is better than saving it ALL for right when you have to be writing the paper. DO the Study guides for tests and start doing them a week before the test! I've done so much better on tests when I do that. Getting a 67 on the last test that i decided NOT to do that has made me learn my lesson once and for all.
Take my advice. Just Do it. Get decent grades, get good grades even. It really isn't that hard if you put in the littlest amount of effort to do so.

Stepping off the box now...
Happy November!!

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