Saturday, September 29, 2007

What a Day!!!

Scott and I lazily slept in this morning--until past 10 am!! It was very nice to just relax and enjoy the morning. It was nice to wake up to clouds and rain, which I find very soothing--at least until I have to go out into it!! And we did.

We made plans to go to the Mall to get some new pants. Scott--some Jeans, and Me, some khaki's and nicer pants for work because I just got a job--the one I interviewed for last Tuesday--and I can't wear jeans. I don't think I ever blogged about that was awful. From my other blog: " I had a job interview for a secretary job in the Civil Engineering Department on campus; they asked a billion questions I felt very interrogated. For crying out loud its to be a secretary, not in the FBI!!! I guess I'm supposed to hear back by the end of the week--tomorrow possibly. I don't know. I revamped my entire resume which I think will help me more now. I've applied to something like 6-odd jobs, but have only had 1 interview. It's not looking good for me." Anyway, I got a call after 5 yesterday and they offered me the job and I had to accept because I've had such bad luck. It's been a month of looking and this is the first job offer or even call back, so I accepted and start Monday. But back to my story, I can't wear jeans and I don't want to wear skirts very often, and my other black pants are too short, so I had to go get me some new pants.

On the way
to the Mall, actually to pick up Steve who called and wanted to go too, Scott was driving and apparently got something in his eye and tried to get it out real fast but ended up gouging his eye with his finger--he had to pull over and I ended up driving. We couldn't decide if it was scratched or if there was just something still in it, but it kept bugging him for the next couple hours. After the Mall, we took Steve back and then drove to the BYU health center--it was closed so we drove to the hospital. Scott went in to ask what he should do. They told him he could wait there at the ER, but it would be about $50, or go to the Instacare Center in Springville which took BYU insurance too and would be cheaper and much less of a wait on a Saturday, so that is where we went. There was NO body else there when we got there, so there was no wait at all. In fact it took longer to sign papers and give Scott's info than to wait to see the doctor! So Dr Miller was our doc and he put numbing drops in Scott's eye, and then he put in dye. Then I turned off the lights and he had this magnify glass surrounded by a black light. He showed me the part on his eye and sure enough it was scratched--a pretty big scratch too--a triangle shape at "7 o'clock" on his iris. The doc prescribed an antibacterial drop--which we picked up at Wal-mart along with Milk, cereal, cheese and soup. Disappointingly though, the drops don't really kill the pain as much as Scott hoped. He played my Sims game to kill some time. We were going to go see a movie but decided it wasn't a good idea. We watched The Office and Inside Man at home. We also had icecream because Ice cream seems to make things all better somehow--at least temporarily.

In other news: IT TOTALLY SNOWED!!! The rain, rain, rain that was pouring down all day turned into SNOW. IN SEPTEMBER!!! I can hardly believe it! Not only that, but it's actually sticking to the cars and ground! I just can't believe it! What happened to Fall?? I LOVE Fall. I feel totally gypped. I miss the colors, the cool breezes and the crunchy leaves. I really really really am not ready for winter!!! I don't even know where my winter coat is!!

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