Monday, September 10, 2007

Monday Blues

I would rather eat my own boogers than to listen to one more class talk about research methods!!! I took a class over the summer--Critical Inquiry and Research Methods--where I learned everything there is to know about research--how it's done, why it's done--EVERYTHING. I am taking 5 classes this semester and so far every stinkin one has been talking about research and methods etc etc this week! GRRRRR!! It's really dum to skip the second day of class, so i've been sitting through each one just enduring it. I HATE RESEARCH. It is beyond a proven fact that i will NOT become a least not in the boring sense that we talk about it in class. Ugg.

Not only were my classes BoriNg today, I've been on campus now for 12 hours! I'm waiting for Scott to do his homework. I've already pretty much finished all of my homework for this week because i've had about 5-6 hours of free time. :P Yuck.

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