Saturday, September 08, 2007

A gOoD dAy

Today Scott and I were very productive...aFteR our lazy morning :)
We slept in and lazed around until nearly 11 and then went to campus to get a few things done on the 'faster' internet.

We traveled to Target to get our DVD player and some sHaRp knives for our kitchen. We got a pretty good deal on our DVD player because it was on sale, and then I got a pretty nice knife block for our kitchen.

We then traveled to Springville WaL-MaRt for a much needed grocery trip. We've been living various odds and ends from food from our old apartments and a few things that we got when we first moved in, but it just wasn't enough. We did a major overhaul on the grocery section of Walmart and bought about $130 worth of food. Fortunately for us we had about $100 in gift cards!! Sweet Sweet deal. We actually ran into Jen there too! That is really fun! Also to note, the woman in front of us in line had 2 VERY full shopping carts and spent over $500 in groceries!! WOW. Either they just moved in too, or she just has a very big family to feed!! I hope that I NEVER have to spend that much money on groceries in one trip!!

We spent a couple hours cleaning the apartment and putting all our food away and setting up the DVD player and then I headed over to Jen's to watch the boys. Andrew will be coming to take over for about an hour while Scott and I go to a friend's wedding reception. Then I will be back to Jen's to help put the boys to bed.

Talk about a busy Saturday! But isn't that what Saturday's are supposed to be like?

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