Thursday, May 17, 2007


So THIS is what I get for trying to whip up a quick slushy of goodness. Before I started crying I busted out in shear laughter. It looks like I put someone's head in the blender.
What really happened here is that the bottom of the blender-pitcher wasn't on tight and may have a crack. I saw that it was leaking a little in the back, and then I brilliantly decided to take off the whole pitcher--to prevent more leakage, right? Wrong...that just made it angry... The whole entire contents spilled out everywhere. I paused dumbfoundingly for a moment before bursting out in hystericalness. Scott came over thinking I went crazy and then I had to get my camera. So much for a happy slushy. This is a mess! If I could have assured there were no potentially deadly bacteria on our kitchen counter I probably would have just slurped it up off the counter! But no worries mom, i didn't do that! ;)

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