Tuesday, May 15, 2007


that's how Tuesday should be spelled. Toozday. Much more fun.

Well, we're in our 3rd week of school. I had my 2nd test today, which i think I did pretty good on. We always take the test as a group after we take it individually. Only some of the questions are changed. I like my group, and for me to say that is saying a lot. I usually loathe "group" things. But in this class and with these people, I am very happy. We all work so well together and our strengths and weaknesses balance out well. In addition to taking each test today, we "graded" another research proposal that a student from another section from the past had written. This helps us see what we have to expect when we are graded AND to help us write our own research proposals in our group. The group work in this class I like for another reason...it makes the 2 1/2 hour class period go by so much faster! The days where the professor lectures or when we discuss things are the most boring and excruciatingly long periods of time in that class. :P Only 10 more weeks to go...

I'm also enjoying planning the wedding stuff now. I think some of the more stressful details have been covered. Ok, i shouldn't say that because there's still a ton to do, including a few big things like the invitations--which is next on the list. But I feel more peaceful about things now that we got the dates pretty much set and the locations secure.

Today I organized the bathroom too. All our linen closet shelves were massly unorganized with miscellaneous things that our former roommates left behind. I went through everything, trashed things, organized and cleaned. It's kind of strange how fun that is for me...

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