Sunday, November 12, 2017

Coming Home from Paris

This was from the previous night ~ this is the view out the window as you get on and off the elevator at the hotel.

Woke up bright (or actually it was pretty dark) and early (yep--5am is very early) and checked out of our hotel!  I can't say enough good things about this hotel! It was absolutely perfect for our week here. 

What you see when you come in or leave the hotel, you can only read it properly in the mirror, as it is backwards on the wall itself. 

To the airport! Our very last ride on the metro

This airport had the fanciest bathroom!

Last Selfies

Glad to be back to these cuties.  All of them wearing the Paris shirts we got them.
 We got Sam a giant chocolate coin in London, and a smaller one from the Eiffel Tower.

We got Luke some Eiffel tower shaped gummies and he also got a coin

Ruby got a sucker that we found for such a cheap price at the Luxembourg Gardens.  We also brought back the kids a 6" tall Eiffel tower to play with.  Got it off a guy on the grass for like $5.

Such a fantastic, jam-packed trip!  I have always wanted to go to Paris and now I've been there.  I just wish I ate more crepes!!

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