Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Thrifty Finds

Went to the D.I. the other day looking for treasure to help me conquer my Spring Mantle decor.  I loathe decorating my mantle- for some reason it is such a daunting task for me!

Anyway here’s what I found while there:Thrifting for Spring

I saw teacups in some spring decor on BHG.com, so I was happy to find some there.  I also found some jugs that will get spray painted, a duck, a bowl and some baskets for the shelves on the entertainment center {another thorn in my side}.  I found a perfect set of mini egg ornaments that I can hang on a branch for my centerpiece.  And the candlestick in the back is perfect for making a DIY cake stand with it and a plate! 

Hopefully some of this stuff will help make the decor task a bit easier. 

Next I found some stuff for the kids, too.  Thrifting for Spring and cute kid finds

I found a wooden rod—which you may think is weird.  My kids actually love playing with sticks of all kinds and this is a perfect toy for them {and safe too with the round ball ends!}  I found a cute unfinished car—I’m sure you’ll see the finished one here soon. The lizard was Luke’s find.  Leave it to Luke to find himself a good toy while we thrift!  And I’m in love with the striped sweater that was only $2!  I plan on turning the sweater into either a stuffed toy or a pillow.  Sam would look really cute wearing it, but it’s a bit big for him right now and he’ll probably outgrow it by the time it’s cold here again. 

I really do need to go more often.  I just hate how busy it seems all the time and taking the kids is kind of a drag.  Sam hates shopping carts!  I’m excited for garage sale season to start—at least then I can leave the kids home with hubby those early Saturday mornings! Hurry up and get here, Spring!!

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