Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tutorial Tuesday: Washi Tape Magnets {No Washi Tape Required!}

I don’t have any washi tape… I already have way too much trouble staying away from the remnant bin, the scrapbook paper, and the ribbon isles at the craft stores!  I can’t add washi tape to my list of “things to hoard.” at least not yet ;) 

I do, as previously mentioned, have a lot of scrapbook paper.  We are talking about a stack at least 2 feet tall!  That is a lot of paper for someone who does digital scrapbooking!  Maybe that’s not as bad as some of you, but I think it’s pretty bad.  And seriously unorganized…but that’s another story.

Good thing there a lots and lots of other projects that use cute scrapbook paper that I can justify my addiction with! 

This project is a great way to use up your scraps if you’ve got a lot of little scraps lying around.  This project is quick, too.  I whipped out more than a dozen of these magnets in less than half an hour.  Here’s just a few:


All you need is some cute scrapbook paper {or you can use washi tape if you are a washi-hoarder}, some adhesive magnets {sheets or roll}, and scissors.  Supplies-For-Washi-Tape-Magnets

If you go with adhesive-backed magnet tape like i did, they will be a little curvy when you cut them to the size you want.  Too-Curvy

Just bend them back the other way and then let them sit on the fridge for a little while to flatten out a bit.  If you skip this step your paper will wrinkle.  Much like the white adhesive-protective paper on the magnets here.Flatten-on-Fridge

Next, cut your paper to size.


Remove the white protective paper and then stick on your cute paper.

Rub it on the table {cute paper side down} to help secure it to the magnet.  Press-Down-to-Secure

Now cut some rugged edges and you’re done!Cute-Washi-Tape-Magnets   Cute-Washi-Tape-Magnets-by-Smile-Like-You-Mean-It

You could modge-podge over the paper to give it a little more protection.  Me and modge-podge don’t always play nice, so I skipped that step this time. 

That’s it!  A quick little way to jazz up your fridge!      

More washi-tape magnet inspiration~  My favorite ones are here and I originally saw them here

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  1. Now those are cute! Hmmm...I don't have a ton of scrapbook paper but maybe this will be use for the little I do have...


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