Thursday, February 07, 2013

Garage Entry Mini-Makeover

{you’ll have to excuse the poor lighting in all these closet and entryway pictures—there is absolutely ZERO natural light in this corner and the tiny window from the laundry room just doesn’t help!}

So to go along with the closet revamp, I had to finish the rest of the space so that it would help us keep everything organized and uncluttered. 

I don’t have a before picture but here is everything I did:


First, I painted the walls the same green that is carried throughout my living room and kitchen…now it’s down the hall and in this garage entryway area, too.  All the walls are connected architecturally, so it made the most sense and didn’t create any weird lines by keeping it all the same.  

I added vinyl letters {“goodbye.”} to the garage door just for fun.

Next, we needed somewhere for the kids to sit.  I usually kept a spare chair in this corner, but unfortunately I usually dumped my bag on the chair when I got home, or it was covered in clutter that needed to go outside {like recyclables} or other miscellaneous like toys and blankets brought in from the car. 

I thought about various things I could build with wood—some type of bench that I could maybe put a basket underneath for shoes.  Something simple and cheap.  But if you know my hubby, you know he does not like building things.  So the next option was finding a bench for that corner online.  It’s only 31” wide and a lot of the benches were 34-36”.  I eventually found this shoe storage bench and it was the perfect size.  It was more than I wanted to spend, but I figured it would be a good investment for the space and it also holds lots of shoes!  DSC_1834-2

It, however, needed a new cover on the pad since it was ugly and misshapen.  I tried to make just a new cover, but I think I’m going to need to get new padding as well.  I think I will ditch the orange and go back to cream, also.  I do like the floral pillow—I just happened to find a remnant that worked perfectly with the colors in the space!  I already had a pillow form in my craft closet.  DSC_1843-2

We needed somewhere to hang up coats right when we walked it.  It gets too crowded and my hands are too full of baby Sam and all his stuff when I come in that I can’t hang my coat up in the closet on a hanger right away.  I also needed Luke to be able to hang up his own coat and not have to walk all the way to the front entryway of the house to do it.  So we put up two sets of hooks so we’d have plenty of space—higher ones for me and Scott and lower ones that Luke can reach.  DSC_1839-2

So that’s it.  I still need to find some new rugs for the space.  We’ve been using the same leftover piece of carpet remnant since we moved in…so sad. 

So now we can keep our coats and shoes out of the rest of the house.  We can come in from running errands and can quickly hang up our coats and bags and then slip off our shoes and put them away.  I absolutely love it!  Do you have a space that seriously lacks in function? 

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  1. It looks awesome! I'm painting my washroom a similar green today. I love the calm feeling it gives. My washroom seriously lacks function! I'm hoping to transform it. Love your blog! I'm a happy new follower! Would love you to visit mine whenever you have time.


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