Wednesday, December 05, 2012

New Christmas Wreaths

Christmas Wreath 2
I had the best intentions of recreating this beautiful pinecone wreath from Women’s Day …
Oval Pinecone wreath
My plan was to use some snow-tipped pinecones I got at a yard sale a year ago and just make a fancier bow {like mine above}.  Well I knew I didn’t have enough pinecones…so I went on a hunt to find more.  But for some reason I could only find cinnamon scented ones.  None of my usual craft stores had just plain pinecones!  I was annoyed and I didn’t want to buy pinecones online or go looking for real ones {I wouldn’t even know where to look!}. 
So I just did the embellishment and kept the rest of the wreath plain.  It turned out to be really pretty, even though I think it may be a little side heavy looking.
What do you think?
Christmas Wreath 2 
I worked on it with a friend, and we made one for her too.  She didn’t mind the cinnamon scented pinecones, so she went ahead and made her with them.  We used white paint and lightly brushed it on.  Then we took spray adhesive and sprayed the pinecones down with it and dowsed the whole thing with white glitter!  Then I made her a pretty bow embellishment to go on it.  It did lose its oval-like shape, but it still turned out really pretty. 
Christmas Pinecone Wreath
New wreath for the door?  Done.  Now onto the rest of my list!

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  1. I like them both - very festive! And yes, Nick does get TONS of comments about his hair - just like Sam! I'm glad we both understand. :) I LOVE all your stuff Katie, you are so very talented!


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