Friday, August 17, 2012


For Luke’s birthday, my mom made Luke some a-mazing superhero capes!  She did amazing applique!

First, the Superman Cape:DSC_7779-2

And then the “Super Luke” Cape:DSC_7772-2

Luke wore these all day when he got them and he loves them!  He immediately started running and “flying” around the room! It’s awesome.


Here’s some more formal pictures that we took just yesterday.  He loved modeling his capes for me!DSC_7696-2DSC_7704-2

Ask him to wear a cape and run around in a circle?  No problem!DSC_7714-2DSC_7717-2DSC_7719-2DSC_7727-2

And some in the other one…


And I couldn’t resist…I just had to make a little comic strip!Super Luke Comic Strip

Thanks, Mom! He loves them!

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