Friday, August 31, 2012

A Quick Personalized Superhero Cape Tutorial

So after Luke was invited to like his sixth birthday party of the summer…I found myself standing in the toy isle at the store yet again. 

“Junk.” I thought to myself.  “This is all junk. Expensive junk, cheap junk, just junk!” *ugh*

Knowing how much Luke loved his superhero capes that my mom made him, I decided that I would try making one—it wouldn’t be too hard, and it would a valued gift {not junk} that’s less than $5. 

It’s actually fairly easy to put a cape like this together! I don’t really have time to do elaborate tutorials these days, so I hope this one is sufficient!

I put this one together in an afternoon!  The only thing that took for-ev-er was the tight zig-zag stitch around the pointy circle part!  I wouldn’t do it that way again if I make another one! 


Tutorial- Personalized Superhero Cape 2

FIRST:  cut out all your pieces.  I cheated and used a cape my mom had to make sure it was about the right length and width.  I used about a yard of fabric for the green cape part.  I folded it in half and then cut out the neck part and the sides and bottom curve.  I tested it on my four-year old to make sure the neck would work.

For the letter and the spikey circle fabric behind it, I ironed on fusible interfacing before cutting them into their final shapes.  I used a print out of an “M” from the computer to use as a template for my letter. 


personalized superhero cape

To cut the circle behind the letter (iron on fusible interfacing first) I just folded it in half, then again, then again.  I cut a curve for the circle and then opened it all back up to make sure it was even.  At this point you can be done or you can refold it and cut spikes.  Less spikes is easier to sew—keep that in mind.  I still had to many on this one. 



This is where my pictures stopped because I was just trying to get it done! 

Next, sew the M to the middle of the spikey circle.  The fusible interfacing should help minimize fraying, so you can just do a straight stitch.  Then sew the spikey circle onto one piece of the green cape fabric.  I used a very tight zig-zag stitch, but I will just use a straight stitch next time. 

When you are done sew the two pieces of the green cape fabric together—right sides together.  Leave an opening to turn it right side out.  Turn it right side out, iron it and then sew a top stitch around all the edges getting pretty close to the edge. 

Sew Velcro pieces onto the neck closure.  I used my four year old to try it on and get it in the right spots. 

Tutorial- Personalized Superhero Cape

Have your model run around with it on so you can take pictures ;)DSC_7949-2Testing out the Cape

It’s easier than you think…only pretty basic sewing skills required.

I really want to make a girly version! I better have a girl next! I am dying to make girly things!

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  1. OH THAT IS AWESOMESAUCE! I have to do that for Dinosaur, but too bad I can't sew, LOL


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