Thursday, March 22, 2012

Climbing the Mountains…

everyday it seems I have all these mountains of housework that I need to climb through. 

Yesterday I climbed three.

I had a mountain of papers that I needed to sort through stacking up on my barstool, threatening to crash land all over the kitchen floor if I put even just one more piece of paper on the pile! DSC_4981-2

I was able to throw about 90% of the pile straight into the recycling bin, so WHY was it stacking up making my kitchen look cluttered??

Next I had a mountain of dishes to do—this picture is the SECOND round of dishes for the day.  I’d previously unloaded and loaded the dishwasher already and this was what didn’t fit in there.  Lots of baking dishes since I was making some healthy snacks (more on that tomorrow!)


And lastly, a mountain of laundry to fold!!

I vowed never to do ALL the laundry in one day after the baby was born, but rather a load or two every day which is much more manageable.  However, this is actually SEVERAL days of laundry that just never got folded!! GAH!!  I got behind and now it’s become a mountain.  This doesn’t even show the 2 loads that were still in the washer and dryer!!  DSC_4983-2

Try as I might, these three things never ever are completely gone and done…there’s ALWAYS papers to put away, dishes to do and laundry to fold!

At least I’m learning to give and take with my time these days.  These are things I can let slide every so often if I need some much needed ME time!  I just kind of miss how these simple things used to be so easy to plow through and now it takes me ALL day to do them…or worse, all week!  And then I have to start over again!  GAH, death by housework!

I think I’ll go watch TV now.


  1. I hate the mountains! Guess that's life though. :-/

  2. I totally understand where you're coming from!! I'm learning to be ok with the undone jobs. And as far as dinner goes, I like quick and easy too -- and try to use the crock pot as much as possible; throw the food in in the morning, dinner ready in the evening!


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