Monday, January 16, 2012

Re-Covering my Infant Car Seat

This is most definitely not going to be a tutorial…like ever.  This was the hardest most time consuming sewing project I’ve taken on in years!  There were several times throughout this week I just about gave up and started searching Etsy for cute car seat replacement covers.  There’s lots of cute ones that tempted me:

First, I found this dinosaur one I really really loved. 

Dinos with black minky boy Infant car seat cover


This is another one I seriously considered buying!

Hoopla Dots Infant Car Seat Cover


But in the end, I couldn't’ go through with it.  I only spent $10 in fabric (green circle fabric is from and thread.  I didn’t even use all of the fabric so I can use it for other projects. It did suck up a ton of time though!  I spent all last week working on this thing!  It’s not near perfect, but it is definitely cuter than it was before:

DSC_3606 I forgot to take a picture with the shade part up, so I dug this one up from when we were checking out our new house for one of the first times!IMG_2091 This car seat was mostly just boring!!

Now this is what I turned it into!


The hardest part was the shade—mostly because I had to cut it up and make it up as I went and I’m not very good at that.  It took 5 hours yesterday to do just the shade!  I wanted to just get it done so I just constantly worked on it until it was finished-only taking breaks when my back hurt and had to get up and walk around a bit.  The other parts of the seat were easier because I just pinned to the original cover and sewed it up!!  Though it still was pretty time consuming with all those pins and getting it to lay right.  I got poked by pins more times than I cared to count! 

I’m just so glad it’s finished and now baby can come home from the hospital in style!!


  1. Love the colour and the seat looks fantastic!

  2. It looks great---way to go!

  3. Amazing work! It looks so different. I'm glad I found your blog!

  4. This shade of green always remind me of you. I call it Katie Green. :) It looks fantastic. Way to keep at it!

  5. Super cute! My MIL did one for my SIL who had a baby last summer, so when I get ready to recover one I will probably just hand it over to her :)

    I am thoroughly impressed.

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