Thursday, January 12, 2012

Covered Diaper Boxes

Well, I’ve been a little MIA lately because I’m trying to work pretty hard on getting ready for baby to come!!  I only have a little over a week left until my due date and there’s still some projects I’m trying to squeeze in!

Covered diaper boxes

I needed some storage for our changing table, and we had a plethora of diaper boxes, so I used this quick and easy tutorial to cover diaper boxes that I found on Positively Splendid

I used drop clothes for the canvas because I had a bunch already that I’d used as temporary curtains.  I had the blue fabric in my stash, and I got the ribbon at Hobby Lobby (love those 50% off sales!)

I only did 2 things differently.  First, I did use spray adhesive, but then instead of white glue, I just used hot glue—less messy than white glue and faster drying times.  Second, out of pure laziness, I sewed on ribbon handles instead of doing button holes and bow ribbons on the liners.  I love the bows on hers, but after a few tries of tying cute bows and failing I just gave up :)

Cheap and easy! 

I’m currently working on covering my old car seat cover…here’s a sneak peak:


I’ll put up the finished pictures when I finish it (hopefully over the weekend!)


  1. Very nice! You've done a wonderful job!

  2. I've been saving diaper boxes for a project like this. Love it, looks awesome.


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