Sunday, November 20, 2011

Late Night Notes

I almost missed blogging today! But here I am at 10pm wishing i was sleeping instead, but I can't miss another post this month! So now you get to hear my late-night ramblings as I scribble down this post!
ornament party
Tomorrow starts my little Handmade Ornament Party! I have a bunch of ornaments that are pretty simple to make and that won't break the bank either! I was already planning on making a bunch of ornaments for my tree this year; I'm happy to let you join in the fun too. In fact, making all these ornaments has inspired me to make a bunch of my Christmas gifts too. My little 3 year old {and my hubby too for that matter} will be getting some fun handmade gifts from mom along side his gifts from Santa. My Christmas Board on Pinterest is filling up with so many cute ideas! I LOVE Christmastime!!

Anyway, I could go on and on about not much, or I could just go to bed...So to bed I go! See you bright and early with my first ornament tutorial of the week!!

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