Wednesday, October 05, 2011

this week in words

Last night I got to go on a date with the hubby. it was perfect. We tried out a new restaurant (which was just o-k), and then headed over to see the movie, Contagion, which was only $6/person since it was a Tuesday. But actually it was freeeee since we had a gift card!!

The movie wasn't super thrilling or exciting, but it most definitely made us think about the importance of being prepared with food storage, emergency preparedness, etc. and it made Scott want to buy a shotgun. The scenario is one that I think really could possibly be a real situation we may face in the future.

Coming home after our date, our sitter (Scott's cousin) had cleaned up my kitchen! Like super cleaned it and did ALL the dishes. Luke was super good for him and fell asleep as he was being read to for bed at 7:15!! (He's only ever done that once for me and it was really late at night)

This morning waking up to a cloudy day was perfect. I sleep so much better when the sun doesn't come pouring in our window in the early morning. Luke also slept a full 12 hours--not getting up until 7:30--which was a nice little bonus, too.

Preschool went well today--I taught this morning. We worked on the letter T (specifically, activities and games and crafts having to do with traffic, turkeys and turtles) and I was able to fill a whole hour this time. Friday we will do things with Teddy Bears and Teeth :)

Spent the crazy rainy afternoon in and out of stores looking for a Fall wardrobe for the little man. Not much luck, but we had fun just wasting time in the stores. Better than letting him rot in front of the TV watching movie after movie because he can't go outside.

At the store I got Luke to trade another stupid plastic snake for a "treat" when it wasn't even a treat but something healthy! I get major mom points for that.

Found the perfect green bed skirt for Luke's bed on clearance for $3.48 at Target.
Also found a pumpkin candy dish that is exactly what I had in mind, and I can use it for Halloween AND Thanksgiving.

We're having potato soup for dinner because this chilly, rainy weather is perfect for it.

My mom & dad are coming tomorrow and I already have the guest room ready for them so I don't have to work super hard tomorrow to clean and organize things.

This has been a good week, looking forward to a better October than the last.


  1. I love you so much. I hope you know that. I have been reading all your posts. You and Lukey have really made this year so much MORE...


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