Wednesday, May 04, 2011

The Desk is Finished!!!

{insert happy squeal here}

I'm SO so So so Happy!!

I love how this turned out!

{No one is happier than poor Scott, though. He spent a lot of his free time after work trying to finish things for me. He's glad to be done with it! Thanks, hubby!}

Lets remember how we used to have things set up, shall we?

What. a. Mess.
It makes me stressed out just looking at it!!
It doesn't help that I didn't bother to clean it up at all before taking this picture back in November.

Lets see how it looks now!

Ahhhh, so much better!

Here's some 'in progress' pictures:

It's so nice to see my vision for this space come to life!
Even better to actually get to use the space!
There's so much more room for stuff too!

Thanks to Ikea for making this desk a possibility
Links to the IKEA furniture:
Desk Tops x2
Drawer Unit
Door Units x2
Shelving x3

We also bought a circle drill bit and drilled holes into the desk tops for wires. We bought black plastic rings to make the holes look finished.

FYI, if you are planning on doing something like this: We have the computer in the left bottom cupboard, and if we were to re-do it, we wouldn't have put in the back panel at all. It's a major hassle to try to plug anything into the back of the computer. We would have taken it apart and taken it off, but we used wood glue on the pegs holding it together...not sure how easy it would be to pry it apart now? who knows. Scott drilled a big hole in the back and installed a fan so the computer wouldn't overheat in the cupboard.

Still left to do in loft:
Paint Hallways & staircase walls
Reupholster these chairs, or buy new desk chairs...maybe
Install ceiling fan
Sew curtains & install rod
Put up artwork
Throw pillows for the couch

For now I'm just glad it is pretty and very usable! I hated not having a craft desk and I hated having the computer in the spare bedroom!

Hope you like it, too!!


  1. That looks awesome! I'm so jealous!!

  2. It's terrific! Looks like you have so much more desk top space than before. Love it.

  3. Katie, this looks amazing!! Well done.

  4. hammer vs wood-glued pegs
    hammer wins every time!

  5. classy and very clean! it looks awesome katie (and scott)! great job

  6. I like it a lot. Good job!

  7. Like the new desk, all organized and it looks like lots more space. And I LOVE the paint color for the walls--amazing!

  8. This looks just FABULOUS! So organized and so pretty! LOVE IT!

  9. I LOVE it! I'm so jealous. It looks so good! And I love that you have space for the computer and your crafty stuff. Such a great idea! I may steal it someday when I actually have a house.


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