Friday, February 11, 2011

Painted Blue

Saturday, the hubby & I painted Luke’s big bedroom!

I was anticipating a little more gray and a little less BLUE, but once it was all done I still loved it!

Before.  YAWN.


Luke was perfectly happy watching a movie while we painted.  Though towards the end of our painting, he decided to come help.  He smeared blue paint all over his shirt.  awesome.  At least that shirt was only $2 and he can wear it for future messy projects or playing.


In progress!!


And we’re done! Luke is pretty happy.  Though we haven’t moved him in here yet.  He will probably need a guard rail on the bed, and some darker curtains before we can make the switch.

P1110156P1110160P1110161P1110162P1110186 - Copy

The paint is flat and it makes me want to walk up to it with a piece of chalk and start doodling!  But I love how it turned out and it brings so much happiness to the room!  Blue is so typical “boy” room, but I don’t care. It turned out awesome.

We will be painting the room Luke is currrently in (the baby room) the same color since we have nearly another gallon of paint.


  1. Gorgeous paint color for Luke's room. I hope he appreciates your talent and work (yeah, right). He probably just wants his toys in there so he can scratch up the walls as he plays!

  2. katie...that's almost the blue we have in wesley's old room (He now shares with his sisters).
    love it!

  3. Aww, I love that color! Great good, it looks awesome!


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