Thursday, January 20, 2011

Need Your Help

Dear Readers,

I love love love when you comment on my blog!

Thank you, Thank you!

I love to know that what I am writing is worth taking the time to write and that you love what I make and do every day!

I also love when you ask me questions! However, I need your help.

I need you to go to this wonderful link on House of Smiths and follow the directions she gives!

Tutorial: How to let ME reply to YOUR comments

Because, I have the same dilemma sometimes. Unless you email me here kd.klipboard {at}, then I can't answer you most of the time.

When you click to "show" your email, it doesn't actually show up on the profile screen. {i checked}. It just shows a link that says "email" which if you click on you can email that person.

I get an email every time one of you awesome readers leaves a comment, and I can reply directly to your comment if and only IF you have it set up to "show" your email. If you don't, then I just get the dreaded "no-reply" from blogger and the only way I can respond is to make a comment on my own post that you commented on, or blog lurk you and your profile looking for a way to answer your question--a messy and unnessary process.

So help out the blogging community and follow the tutorial!

Thanks, Readers!

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