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I know Christmas is SOOOO over...but I forgot I had these picture on my camera!! And it's always good to document these kinds of things for later.

We had a Christmas Eve dinner with my sister, Jen, & her family (Greg, Charlie(7), Jack (5) & Isaac(2)), (and their little dog, Tina, whom i invited to join us for the evening and so glad i did), and also our younger brother, Steve. It was a perfect evening. I also liked that we celebrated together Christmas Eve and then could just have Chrismtas morning to ourselves (mostly, Steve spent the night--but it was more fun with him there anyway)

I set the table simple, but cute:

These were my nephew's place settings:

And then Christmas Morning, Luke woke up at 6:59am so I got him up and put on his Christmas shirt that I made for him. I turned on Cartoons & got him breakfast, but Scott joined us pretty soon after that, so we went ahead and started opening presents!!

I loved watching Scott & Luke open their presents! My little brother, Steve was there too. Scott & I decided to do a stocking for him since we didn't have any gifts for him to open--but we ended up buying too much to fit in his stocking, so i just wrapped the excess games & stuff that wouldn't fit! He was so surprised it was perfect! My mom also left a present for him under the bed so I guess he did have one real gift.

What I got Scott:
  • A bunch of clothes! I love buying Scott clothes, and Old Navy was having an awesome sale before christmas. I know him so well and just as predicted he loved both sweaters & both jacket/hoodies that I got for him. He also likes getting clothes because he doesn't really go shopping for them himself unless his mom is here buying them.
  • Buckyballs! These are 216 round neodymium (superstrong) magnets. These are SO COOL. We love playing with them. You're supposed to shape them into different things. It's like a modern-day stress ball but WAY more fun.
  • This ridiculously big marble roller coaster for his office. He requested an office toy so his office at work would be cool.
  • a reading light for his nook. He goes to and work in a vanpool, and it's currently dark both when he leaves and comes home which makes it hard for him to read.
  • twirl-a-tie rack organizer.
  • He got new shoes from his mom.
  • He also got a Costco Renewal (though this is kinda more for me) from his parents
  • And then....drumroll.....he got an XBOX KINECT!!! He really really wanted this but he SO was not expecting his parents to get it for him! Neither was I! It is SO MUCH FUN! Now he just wants to buy a new Xbox so it will go faster. Ours still works, but it's 3 years old and he just wants a new one. He's been playing it tons and woke up really sore because you use your whole body to play the games and he doesn't ever work out so he was using muscles he doesn't normally use :)
Luke loved his gifts as expected. I was very careful to only get him things I knew he would love because I hate the idea of just giving kids a bunch of junky toys that break or they will lose interest with a week after christmas.
  • Sesame St figurines. He LOVES these. They are only 4 inches tall and he loves them all! We got him these six:
  • A big plush Cookie Monster. I had to order this online because it is ONLY elmo everything in the stores.
  • Two books, a learning book and The Cat in the Hat
  • LeapFrog Fridge phonics Magnet. To help him recognize his letters. He's been singing the ABCs perfectly for forever. Now it's time to help him learn the letters.
  • Ernie Tub toy--a boat that's supposed to move in tub water...Scott said it didn't work though. Should have read the reviews on that one...oops.
  • Luke got this fantastic animal set. I got it for free with my blogging deal with CSN stores. He loves animals and loves playing with these.
  • He got a little people airplane
  • Grandma Brown bought him a storage set & all the bins at IKEA. She filled up a few of the bins with books, balls, cars, and Mega Blocks.
  • She also bought him stuff for his big boy room-- this light, and this bedding both from IKEA. I can't wait to decorate his new room!
I think that is it for Luke. Man. he didn't bug me all day because he just kept going from toy to toy! it was awesome!! AND we've been struggling with naps and he was so tired from playing he slept for 3 hours.

I got cute lamps from Ikea, dressy boots, a purse, new PJ pants, gift cards to Smoothie King & the movie theater, a swiffer wet jet (i wanted one), 3 books--Parenting with Love & Logic, Everyday Food Storage, and I Love You Rituals--all of which I really wanted, Scott also got me a really pretty watch, and a metal stamp set (similar to this one) which I wasn't expecting to get! And Scrabble Slam (a game), Scott & I both got a really big & pretty afghan that his mom made us, and a really pretty picture of the Mt Timpanogos Temple.

I think that's it. Anyway, this was just for documenting purposes--but I know it's fun to see what other people got for Christmas so there ya go.

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  1. Someone had buckyballs and brought them to the CES fireside broadcast this past Sunday. Everyone got a kick out of them! So cooL!


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