Thursday, September 23, 2010

A New Page

I'm going to be honest now.

I haven't done ANY scrapbooking since I finished Luke's 1st year book.
In May!

And another confession is that I haven't even gotten it printed yet.

But enough with the confessions & onto the good stuff,

I was half-sleeping the other day on my bed and I tend to think about random things when I'm in this state.
Sometimes my creative brain takes over and I'll actually think of something design-related. Anything from color schemes to an idea for a room.

Well in my half sleeping state the other day I imagined a gray background with brightly colored flowers.

I usually don't act on these design things--I don't even write them down (though i totally should)
But for some reason that day I sat up and went onto the computer and made it into a quickpage (quickpage= a scrapbooking page that doesn't have words or pictures yet, but that you can easily add those to the page later)

And then the yesterday I decided it worked pretty well for a wedding page since my colors were pretty close. So here it is:

Pretty, huh?

I am really into gray lately. In fact I saw this teenagers room on a blog today and loved it so much I am seriously contemplated painting a room in my house dark dark gray.

The end.


  1. cute. i love it.
    i just painted my bedroom dark gray. you should come see it.

  2. So cute! also, i LOVE dark gray. it's one of my favorite colors (if it even counts as a color haha)

  3. So cute! My hubby and I love grey, too. I think it's because I'm from Ohio and the skys are usually grey there - which is relaxing to me. When we get around to it - we plan to paint our bedroom a grey color and another room a lighter grey color. Grey really lends itself to incorporating cheery colors :)


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