Friday, May 28, 2010


Luke's 11 month pages bring me well past 100 pages total for his first year--eek. We'll have to see how many actually make it into his book; hopefully i won't have to trim too many [or any for that matter] out.
[click to enlarge]

Only one more month to go!


  1. i have to report back! i made that pb brownie pie and it was a HIT! it was the only dessert at our memorial day picnic that was TOTALLY gone. and for good reason! it was completely delicious! thanks!

  2. I was talking to my friends about scrapbooking and some of them used to be really hardcore about it, and now most of the pictures we take are digital and I told her about what you do. She was leaving on vacation, but she might ask me more when she gets back and I might be asking you more to pass on the info. Info you wanna share if you've got secret sites you go to ;) I won't give them away


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