Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pittsburgh: Part 4 & The End.

These are my notes from Saturday's conference. I know that you probably won't get the same things out of it that I did just from writing down my scribblings, but maybe you will.

Saturday April 24, 2010 TOFW: INFINITE HOPE

Hilary Weeks:
*Follow the Spirit with exactness. Ex) rotisserie chicken story: She was making rolls for dinner and she had a thought--"I need to leave right after I'm finished with these rolls if I want to get a rotisserie chicken for dinner." So she finished up the rolls and was about to head out the door when she remembered she needed to send a quick email. So she sent the email and left for the store. When she got in there, she saw a lady walking away with the last rotisserie chicken. She went up to the counter and asked if they had any more and the man said "No, they've been going really fast today." Well she didn't think much of it until later, she just got something else for dinner. When Hilary relayed the story to us, she said that normally delaying your obedience by 30 seconds wouldn't make that much of a difference, but that day it taught her that 30 seconds did matter. *Heavenly father cares about the details as well as the big stuff--and that night he cared about whether or not she got her chicken. *He is as involved with our lives as we will let him be.

Where there is life there is hope
Where there is hope there is life
Where there is hope there is Christ.

DeAnne Flynn
*There is never anything false about offering hope to anyone else
*Pattern in all things; that you may not be deceived.
*We are exposed to deceitful patterns--worldliness, pride, etc

*The patterns provide for families and individuals: daily scriptures, daily prayer, FHE, meals together. Many times the results & impact on the family are immediate
*Establish good patterns in daily life
*Short cuts rarely pay off.

*The best is yet to come
*Don't lose sight of your infinite worth
S. Michael Wilcox
*When you need hope, look forward, look to the past (scriptures), and look beside you (He walks beside us and is there to help us through).

*David faced the lions before he faced Goliath. He was prepared for the bigger trial with smaller ones first. As are we...

Hilary Weeks--
Sometimes we get in a situation that seems easy or ok at first, but at some point you get overwhelmedd and feel like you can't finish it. Maybe because a lack of time or talent or strength.
Christ can bless us, make us enough and then some (ex. The loaves and the fishes). He can magnify us. He has the power to make us more than what we are.

Believe in what you're doing, who you are
Hold tight to the truth, your a daughter of God
Believe in what you're becoming,
Believe in who you are
When it's hard to believe in what you're doing, Remember

Mary Ellen Edmunds
*Resilience is bouncing back
*People don't cheer you on during the training (of a marathon)
*When everything & everone says you can't, believe in the part of you that can.
*Resilience is trying again, starting over; it takes resilience and high hopes to do lots of things.
*A soldier once said there are only 3 things that matter: 1. Faith in God 2. Love of family and friends 3. Good health--the physical foundation for faith and love.
*"If I could have seen the end, I could have made it"
Kris Belcher
*Christ is a God of LIGHT...
L-ove: unconditionally
I-ntelligence: mosiah 4:9; Man cannot comprehend all that He can
G-race: God can't give you anything you can't handle--without his help. Because he does give us things we can't handle. With Christ we can do all things.
H-ope: Hope for a better world
T-ruth: He cannot lie. We can depend on Him. It is worth the struggle in this life

*If you pay attention to the warmth of the sun, you can know what direction you are going (metaphor related to blindness)
We also watched a video talk from Mariama Kallon

Overall, a great conference and a much needed uplift in this time of my life.

Time Out for Women has conferences all over the country for the rest of the year. Look it up
HERE to see if there is one near you if you would like to go.

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