Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Easter Pictures

--For the Grandparents Mostly--

Luke really had no idea what Easter was. We didn't do any fun Egg hunts or the like because of the blasted snow. But I did put together some Easter baskets. (the stuff in my own basket was all from my mom, thanks mom!) The eggs were filled with chocolate teddy grahams and fruit snacks. Luke was more than happy to devour them all once he figured out how to open them.

I put him up on the table so he couldn't run away. He took each egg out--shook it--and held it in his arms while he picked up the next egg--shook it--and so on until he had all of his eggs in his arms! Our video camera was dead, unfortunately, so here's the still action shots ;)
Finally a smile!

My mom sent him a present, he didn't really feel like opening it so I tore it open little by little

smiling because he can see it is something fuzzy which always makes him happyAfter this shot i opened it all the way and turned it around for him to see--he nearly fell off the table because it scared him! I guess he wasn't expecting a giraffe?? It was quite funny. He loves it now, though--thanks Grandma!

These pictures might as well have been taken in December or January--but alas, this was Easter morning. The snow all melted by the afternoon, but it's still frigid cold here. But this is it I am packing up the snow gear and the blasted snow better go away!!

I made a really good dinner and we invited Scott's siblings over--Darcy & Derek--to join us after the last session of General Conference. It turned out to be a pretty good Easter.

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  1. More snow?!?! Omigooshness. I guess I remember having snow in Provo in May so that's so very possible. Poor people going to conference, must've been cold. Sounds like it was a fun Easter for Luke. While I was reading your post I thought you were saying he almost fell off because he was leaning around to look inside the partially torn paper to see what it was, but he was surprised! Hehe. Did you and Scott not even tell him about giraffes and that was Luke's first experience with a new animal? =P so FUN! Thanks for all the pics!


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