Friday, April 02, 2010

10 Fun Ways to Waste Time

Great sites that will keep you busy doing anything but the laundry ;)

Make a Wordle
Turn Your Photos into Polaroids
Browse funny T-shirts
Pop some Bubblewrap
Browse Faces in Places
Turn your photos into sweet miniature models
Edit your photos without photoshop using Picnik
Reminisce with toys from your childhood
Download free fonts here or here
Learn how to make your own Blog background


  1. this is great! i am always looking for fun stuff to play with at work :)

  2. thanks for turning me on to picnik! it's a great website!!

  3. The very best way I like to spend time is with family, We miss you guys, please give Luke a big hug from Grandpa. PS -- It was so wonderful having you on the cruises we have been. Look forward to many things with you guys


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