Friday, March 12, 2010

My Living Room Wall Idea

I found this picture in a Pottery Barn catalog when I was in an Interior Design class and I ripped it out and put it in my "Ideas" folder. A few days ago, I was flipping through that folder and I found it again. I think it would look awesome on our living room wall, and I haven't really had much luck with trying other things to make our framed pictures look good (they're always crooked or un-proportional to the size of the all). I showed this to Scott and he needs a little more convincing.

This is what our living room wall looks like right now:
oh so boring.

So what do you think? Should I do this for my living room?
[answer in the comments if you want, but be sure to vote in the poll on the right sidebar too!]


  1. love the pottery barn pic... go for it!!!

  2. I love it and would totally do it girl!

  3. Your sofa looks so huge next to those 3 little frames. It definitely could use a little more above it.

  4. Tell Scott you are all the convincing he needs, you're in charge of the inside of the house. I like it.

  5. So funny... I saw a very similar pic years ago in a pottery barn catalog and I tried it on my fireplace mantle... I think it ended up looking really cool! You can find such a great mixmatch of black or other frams to use. I say go for it!

  6. Check out the photo of the wall display at the end of this post:

  7. i didn't get to poll... and i say yes! just make sure you won't hit your head on the pictures when you lean back on the couch. good luck!

  8. oooh, I love it! I, too, have been looking for picture-display ideas... I LOVE that the pictures are bigger - more like posters. That is perfect. And I love that they are so close together, without pieces of wall in between. I like that. I also like that they are easy to rearrange, since you're not nailing any of them to the wall.

    So there, some convincing arguments, hopefully :) I want a picture from your place when you try it! (if you try it!)

  9. Just remember that the print size matches the frames :)


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