Sunday, March 07, 2010

March Snow


So we had finally gotten the last little patch of snow in our front yard melted away, people were hoping it was spring for real--outside in t-shirts and everything--and then we had *several* inches fall last week. Gross. Hopefully this will be the last of it this season.

I bundled up Luke *one last time* and took some pictures. It was really really wet snow. The neighbors across the street made a gigantic snowman. Luke was *totally & completely* soaked by the time I made him come in. He also took a really solid nap. awesome.

And of course some videos because my little boy is crazy and silly:
[he's saying "snow" but it sounds like "no"]


  1. And the best part was when I got home, most of it had already melted and I didn't even have to shovel the driveway. What is it people say about laziness?

  2. These are so adorable; we miss our grandson so much, he is such a character. Give him big hugs for us. Thanks for all you do to keep us posted!


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