Thursday, March 04, 2010


Scott was saying he didn't think Luke looked much like him,

So i found these pictures of when Scott and tried to compare them to some of Luke's pictures.
The problem is that I had to look through literally hundreds of pictures to find ones of Luke that looked similar. oi that kid has a lot of camera love. So I gave up and just found ones i liked. Luke doesn't look exactly like either of us, but he probably more prominently has my features--boy version of course.

Wasn't Scott so cute when he was little! I'm sure he LOVES that i posted these ;)

Some of me & luke

When Luke was an ickle baby, I did this comparison.

and more of me, and luke

One thing is for sure...we make CUTE babies ;)


  1. That's really funny, because I always think he looks so much like his daddy! He does have your eyes.
    You are all adorable.

  2. CUTE! There is some of both of you in Luke. This makes me want to get baby pictures of both of us and do the same thing!

  3. Luke does look a lot like you--those beautiful eyes especially. So glad you have those baby pictures of Scott (I don't remember getting them to you.) You're absolutely right that you two do make cute babies.
    luv y'all,
    Grandma B.

  4. I've always thought that he looked like you...And it's true, you do make cute babies!


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